Pivot Track Fillers

Pivot Track Fillers focus on the long term benefits of  bringing in sand or gravel. It is more costly to bring in the material but sand and gravel are tried and true ways to keep tires from getting stuck and making it easier on drivelines, gear boxes, and center drives.

Track fillers claim to fame is that vertical tillage will not disrupt the material and the pivot will keep packing the track down providing a solution that gets better year after year.

Pivot Track Closers

Pivot track closers are disks and scrapers that move the dirt that is pushed up by the pivot back to the center. It is a cost effective solution closing the track with the dirt that is already in the field. Track closers can turn back time leaving a packed and level surface.

Track Closers claim to fame is using the dirt that is already in the field to close and pack the track. Providing a cost effective solution with minimal equipment.

Pivot Tires, Tracks, Etc.

Some solutions focus on changing the drive system of the pivot. Different Tires, Wheels, and track systems can provide a custom solution for each farmers individual circumstances.

Chemical solutions like PAM focus on changing the chemical structure of your dirt to make heavy soils perform better in wet conditions

Solutions can also come in changing the location of your nozzles to try and keep your wheel tracks as dry as possible.

These solutions claim to fame is providing many different solutions for farmers unique circumstances. Allowing farmers to experiment to see what works and in the end what is cost effective for their own individual operation.